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By Fco. Javier Rodríguez

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This web page has information and links about Navia, Coaña, Castro of Coaña, and links to 17 Councils of this area. Western ASTURIAS in Spain.  

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Meteorology of Navia area

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El Franco

Grandas de Salime




San Martin de Oscos

Santa Eulalia de Oscos

San Tirso de Abres

Tapia de Casariego


Valdes - Luarca


Villanueva de Oscos



The "Castros" ( Archaeology sites ) in the Navia's valley

Councils's information

Council's information (FACC)  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Villages of Asturias

Jarrio Hospital

Councils of Asturias o  Turism in Los Oscos - Eo

Nother-Western Guide of Associations  o  Rural Turism Association Eo-Porcia  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Beaches of Asturias (

Surfing Beaches of Asturias   o  Western beaches for Surf

Western beaches of Asturias  o   Nude Beaches in Asturias

Camp Sites of Asturias  o  Camp Sites of the Western of Asturias  o  Camp Sites of Asturias (Other)

Exceptional Camp Sites of Asturias ( Arbón, Castello, Taúran and Los Cantiles)

Lodging in western of Asturias

Lodging in the coast o  Lodging in the mountain

Country Boarding Houses in the mountain  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)  o  Country Boarding Houses in the coast  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Route Luarca - Vegadeo

Galician-Asturian Language   o  Our language ( "A Nosa Fala" )

Harbours of Western

Wild flowers of Western Asturias

San Martin de Oscos

Information of this Town Council


Los Oscos Region

San Martín ( infoasturias )  o  San Martin of Oscos in Asturtravel  o  San Martín (guiastur)

San Martín de Oscos (Turastur)  o  San Martín de Oscos (deasturias)  o  San Martín (desdeasturias)

San Martín (asturiasturismo)  o  San Martín (vivirasturias)  o  San Martín (Wikipedia)

San Martín ( in galician languaje )

Hiking Route San Martín-Santa Eulalia  o  Hiking Route "Loma de Couso"

Hotels and apartments en San Martin

Hotel La Marquesita  o  Hotel "La Marquesita" ( Other )

Country Boarding House "A Cantina"  o  "A Cantina" ( Other )

Rural Hotel "Cabeza da Vila"

Rent apartments "Casa de la villa"  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes) o   "Casa de la Villa" ( Other )

Rent Apartment "Ron"  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)  o  Rent apartments of Ron

Country Boarding House "La Trapela"  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Santa Eulalia de Oscos ( Santalla )

Information of this Town Council


Los Oscos Region

Rural Turism in Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia (Turastur)  o  Santa Eulalia ( deasturias )  o  Santa Eulalia (guiastur)

Rural  Tourism in "Los Oscos"   o  Santa Eulalia in Asturtravel  o  Santa Eulalia (asturiasturismo)

Santa Eulalia (infoasturias)  o  Santa Eulalia (desdeasturias)  o  Santa Eulalia (vivirasturias)

Santalla (Wikipedia)  o  Santalla (in galician languaje)

Water fall of Seimeira  o  Hiking Route Pumares-Busqueimado  o  Route Ancadeira Valley

Hotels in Santa Eulalia

Rural Apartments "Viduedo"  o  Rural A. Viduedo ( As Poceiras )

Rent Apartments "Riveras"  o  Country Boarding House "Riveras"

Rural apartment Villabajo o  C.B. House "A Casoa"

Country Boarding House " Riba "  o   Country B.H. De Riba (Other)  o  Youth Hostel Vega del Carro  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Country Boarding House "El Tombo"  o  Country Boarding House "Villamartin"  o  Country B.H. "Casa Talan"

Country Boarding House "Freixe"  o  C.B: House "La Ferreria"

Hotel Casa Pedro  o  Hotel Casa Pedro (Other)

Hotel "Casa Rodil"  o  Hotel "Casa Diego"

Rural Hotel "Casona del Bosque de Pumares"

San Tirso de Abres

Information of Town Council  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)


San Tirso of Abres in Asturtravel  o   San Tirso (Turastur)

San Tirso ( vivirasturias )  o  San Tirso ( deasturias )  o  San Tirso (guiastur)

San Tirso (asturiasturismo)  o  San Tirso (Wikipedia)

Fishing reserve Eo river ( in galician language )

Hiking Route Xunqueira

Web page of  J. Manuel Rivera

"Amaido" Camp site  o  "Amaido" (Other)  o  Camp Site Amaido (Other more)

Apartment La Antigua del Eo  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)  o  Rent Apartments "Sobrelavega"

Tapia de Casariego

Town Council of Tapia de Casariego  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Hiking Club"Marqués de Casariego"

Information of the Town Council


Tapia de Casariego (Turastur)   o  Tapia in Asturtravel  o  Tapia ( infoasturias )

Tapia ( deasturias )  o  Tapia (vivirasturias)  o  Tapia (guiastur)  o  Tapia (desdeasturias)

Tapia (britonia in galician languaje)  o  Tapia (asturiasturismo)  o  Tapia (Wikipedia)

I.E.M. of  Tapia de Casariego (Secondary School)

Edes College ( Special education )

Pico Faro Hiking Route

Camp site "El Carbayín" Serantes  o  "El Carbayin" (Other)  o  "El Carbayin" ( Other )

Camp site " Penaronda Beach"

Camp site " Tapia Beach"  o  "Tapia Beach" (Other)  o  C. S. Tapia Beach ( Other )

Beaches of Serantes and Sarello   o   Playa de Serantes Beach (Other) o  Penaronda Beach

La Grande Beach  o  Mexota Beach  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Tapia Beach (

Real Tapia C.F

XIV Memorial of   Surf  Peter Gulley

Hotels in Tapia de Casariego  o  Hotels of  Tapia (Other)

Rent Apartments Casa Germana

Apartments As Tapias (Oficial web)  o   Apartments As Tapias (mirador900)

Hotel Puente de los Santos, ( Mirador 900)  o  Hotel "La Casa del Abuelo" ( Mántaras )

Restaurant Palermo


One Paradise called TARAMUNDI

Information of this Town Council


Taramundi in Asturtravel  o  Taramundi (Turastur)  o  Taramundi (deasturias)

Taramundi ( infoasturias )  o  Taramundi (guiastur)  o  Taramundi (desdeasturias)

Taramundi (asturiasturismo)  o  Taramundi (vivirasturias)  o  Taramundi (Wikipedia)

Taramundi (in galician languaje)

Taramundi Project

Etnographic places of Taramundi

Etnographic joint " Mazonovo"

Hiking route of " Los Mazos"  o  Hiking Route of Water  o  Hiking Route "Teixois"

Hiking Route of Teixo  o  Hiking Route Ouria-Taramundi o  H.Route of Ouroso

Taramundi cheese  o  Taramundi cheese ( Other )

Solleiro Cider  o  Clasp Knifes of Taramundi  Tsnewa.gif (212 bytes)

Hotels in Taramundi

Country Boarding Houses "As Veigas"  o  C.B.House Aniceto  o  C.B. House "Petronila"

Country Boarding House "A Casoa" in Santa Marina  o  Country B.H. "Casas da Lexa"

Country Boarding House "A Bodega de Alfonso"

Hotel La Rectoral  o  More of " La Rectoral"  o   Other of " La Rectoral"

Villanueva de Oscos

Information of this Town Council


Los Oscos Region

Villanueva of Oscos (Turastur)  o  Villanueva (guiastur)  o  Villanueva (Wikipedia)

Villanueva in Asturtravel   o  Villanueva (deasturias)  o  Villanueva (infoasturias)

Villanueva (desdeasturias)  o  Villanueva (asturiasturismo)  o  Villanueva (vivirasturias)

Villanueva ( in galician languaje )

Hiking route of "La Bobia"  o  Hiking Route "La Bobia" (Other)  o  Hiking Route of the Woods

Hotels in Villanueva de Oscos

Country Boarding Houses "Santa Eufemia"  o  C.B. Houses "Santa Eufemia" (Other)

Hotel Oscos  o  Hotel Oscos (proeco-rural)


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